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  • Learn the Organizational Psychology research that’s the foundation of great cultures
  • See how we packed that same research into RoundPegg Software
  • Hear how real RoundPegg customers build cultures that crush the competition.
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The webinars are informal. At the end we’ll open the mics to answer your questions!

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30-min Software Webinar

Watch the Webinar with Guest Presenter Libby Sartain!

Align your People with your Business Strategy to Win!
A high-performing culture – you know you want it, but how do you get it?


Can a company deliberately create a culture that drives high performance?

Libby Sartain, who has led HR at companies including Yahoo! and Southwest Airlines, and has helped many more reach their business transformation initiatives through improved Culture Alignment, says “Yes!”

An acclaimed author and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Libby will share her approach to build a winning culture that is key driver in an organization’s overall business strategy as she tells stories of companies that put culture first and hit it out of the park.

UPDATE – Webinar Recording available: Click to watch this Webinar now!


  • What it takes to make culture a key part of your overall winning strategy
  • The characteristics of a winning culture
  • The biggest causes of culture-strategy misalignment
  • Ways HR can shape culture and tools available

Joining Libby is Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, a PhD in Organizational Psychology who will add her insight into how high-growth companies can use their culture to their competitive advantage. She’s also a founder of RoundPegg, a software company that conducts robust data analysis to measure and optimize company culture.

As an HR leader, you have the power to build a high-performing culture that boosts the performance of individuals, gets your people aligned with your business goals, and create lasting employer brand equity.