Customer Recaps His First Year Using RoundPegg

Get a personal look at what RoundPegg customers experience in their first year. Learn how chose RoundPegg software to help them reduce unwanted turnover, get a better handle on their company culture and even select their VP of Marketing. Read More

HR and the Strategic Planning Process

When people and business goals are aligned, success is sweet!

The most important ingredient in your 2016 Strategic Plan? Your People.
If your business counts on people to give all of their intellectual capability every day (hint: it does), then your people should be at the center of virtually every business decision you make. No matter the business goal, HR plays a critical role in making sure that the recommended strategies are aligned with the people who with carry it out. Check out our Strategy & Culture Fit Alignment Worksheet now.
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The World Has Changed, Corporations Have Not (Part 2)

The World Has Changed, Corporations Have Not (Part 2) Before you read this, check out Part 1 here and then come back. The world continues to change, but many businesses are not keeping up. People aren’t independent. Our working systems are so intermingled that the lone . . . Read More

The World Has Changed, Corporations Have Not (Part 1)

In 1957 the U.S. hit an inflection point. (1) For the first time, we started thinking more than producing. White-collar workers outnumbered blue-collar workers. Since then the spread between the two has only increased but we have not changed our mindset or our systems to . . . Read More

M&A | The Risk & Benefits of Merging Company Cultures

M&A: Ultimate Examples of Failure to Conform A lesson learned at Yahoo came as a result of the difficulty of integrating acquisitions when the people and the cultures of the acquired company were a mismatch with ours. Yahoo acquired a small company with an expertise . . . Read More