Employee Engagement Ain’t About A Survey.

Measuring engagement is easy; crafting effective strategies to improve engagement is the hard part. An effective engagement strategy leverages what a team values most (how it is wired), to affect change.
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HR and the Strategic Planning Process

When people and business goals are aligned, success is sweet!

The most important ingredient in your 2016 Strategic Plan? Your People.
If your business counts on people to give all of their intellectual capability every day (hint: it does), then your people should be at the center of virtually every business decision you make. No matter the business goal, HR plays a critical role in making sure that the recommended strategies are aligned with the people who with carry it out. Check out our Strategy & Culture Fit Alignment Worksheet now.
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Disengaged Employees Cost Millions

This detailed infographic from the experts at the Carnegie Institute about the Importance of Employee Engagement breaks down the dollars and cents impact employee engagement can have on any company. Just a warning: you might be shocked to learn what disengagedment could be costing your company! Read More

How Perks Follow Values | By Libby Sartain

Earlier this week week we looked at Tenet 1: Culture is defined by actions. Today we’re sharing a story about the ways in which dress code, vacation policies, office design and other perks follow an organization’s values. Perks reinforce culture, they don’t define it. Guest contributor . . . Read More