Culture-Strategy Alignment | The Key to Higher Performance

UPDATE – This Webinar was recorded and can be viewed now! Watch the Webinar now. In our Live Webinar April 20th, Align your Culture with your Business Strategy to Win!, Libby Sartain, an expert in Culture-Business Strategy Alignment, shares how she builds a high-performing culture. She sheds . . . Read More

HR and the Strategic Planning Process

When people and business goals are aligned, success is sweet!

The most important ingredient in your 2016 Strategic Plan? Your People.
If your business counts on people to give all of their intellectual capability every day (hint: it does), then your people should be at the center of virtually every business decision you make. No matter the business goal, HR plays a critical role in making sure that the recommended strategies are aligned with the people who with carry it out. Check out our Strategy & Culture Fit Alignment Worksheet now.
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