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Align your Culture with your Business Strategy
Here are 3 ways you can start building a higher-performing culture:

1. Talk to a RoundPegg Culture Analyst
Ask how you can measure, manage & monitor your Culture to drive higher performance. Our Culture Analysts have helped hundreds of companies leverage their Culture to achieve their business goals. Complete form at right to get in touch.
2. See how to create Culture-Business Strategy Alignment 


Article & Worksheet  | Align your Culture & Business Strategy 

Use this Worksheet developed by Dr. Nat Baumgartner, PhD and Co-founder/Chief Psychologist at RoundPegg, to get your Culture-Business Strategy Baseline.
3. Webinar with Culture Guru Libby Sartain – watch recording now!

Webinar |  Align your People with your Business Strategy to Win!  
A high-performing culture – you know you want it, but how do you get it?

Libby Sartain has led HR at companies including Yahoo! and Southwest Airlines, and literally wrote the book on Culture and High Performance. Click below to watch Webinar Recording now.


What Libby covers in this 45-minute webinar:

  • What it takes to make culture a key part of your overall winning strategy
  • The characteristics of a winning culture
  • The biggest causes of culture-strategy misalignment
  • Ways HR can shape culture
Talk to a Culture Analyst
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 Join us every Friday to see RoundPegg Software in Action!

In just 30 minutes we will show you how to leverage software to:

  • Understand your unique culture – find out what makes your people tick
  • Align your people with your business goals (Strategy-Culture Alignment)
  • Make great Culture Fit hires (Fit #1 predictor of a new hire’s success)
  • Craft an Engagement Strategy based on what your people value


We’ll share our stories of startup to enterprise customers who use RoundPegg to make smarter ‘people’ decisions every day.

  • Learn how a company built a Top Performer Hiring Profile to hire Rockstars
  • Hear about a startup that hired High Fit Score candidates to grow 25-500 & got acquired for $604M.

We will share the Organizational Psychology research that is the foundation of RoundPegg, then we’ll take you inside the software to see the 36-point Assessment, Hiring & Engagement Tools, and more!

These webinars are small and informal, and at the end we will open up the mics to hear your questions!

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