Culture Gap Analysis

Implement a proven, quantifiable approach to understanding your culture.  Understand differences between sub-cultures and identified aspirational values.

In order to reach any destination, you must first understand where you are.  RoundPegg's culture gap analysis is like a GPS for your culture.


Hire Cultural Fits

Decades of academic research categorically proves that those who best fit the culture of a company and their respective teams perform better, are more engaged, and stay with the company longer.

Quantitatively understand which candidates best fit your organization and get customized behavioral interview guides based on your unique culture and the sub-culture of every single team.


Manager Toolkits

Many managers haven't been trained to be managers, and navigating their team's interpersonal dynamics usually proves challenging.

With customized on-boarding guides, coaching guides and conflict resolution guides, RoundPegg's flexible manager toolkit puts every manager in a position to extract the best from their direct reports.


Real-Time Engagement

Engagement is not a static event.  The key to success is understanding when it fluctuates and then providing specific tactics to managers, in real-time, so that they can make adjustments in order to maximize effort and outcomes.

RoundPegg's real-time engagement solution does just that.  Understanding the various sub-cultures allows RoundPegg to deploy the right tactics to the right manager at the right time.


Track Cultural Changes

With every new and exited employee, your culture changes. RoundPegg's culture dashboards will help you keep your finger on cultural changes and identify which groups need the most attention, when, and to what extent. 

Pulse surveys also allow you to track perceived changes, as well to measure and manage the effects of any changes to systems, processes and employee communications.  

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