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Hiring and Retention

Healthcare Org Retains Top Talent and Improves Patient Satisfaction

Leadership cracked the code on employee turnover and boosted patient satisfaction

This real world example illustrates how organizations large and small can use data about their employee’s core values to reduce turnover and increase customer satisfaction.

The situation

In 2010, a national healthcare conglomerate came to RoundPegg with two goals:

  1. Reduce employee turnover due to burnout
  2. Provide superior patient care and increased patient satisfaction

Getting to the root of turnover and performance

Executive leadership was convinced that retention and patient satisfaction were related. They believed that solid alignment between the organization’s goals and employee values would increase employee engagement, reduce turnover and ultimately lead to a world class patient experience.

Before they could start their journey on the road to alignment they needed to establish a baseline. They used the RoundPegg Core Values Assessment to establish a culture baseline based on the aggregate values of employees across the organization. For the first time they knew for sure what was most (and least) important to employees. They used this data to reinforce areas of strong alignment and make adjustments to potential misalignments.

culture baseline
In this chart you can see the top three values most commonly selected by their employees

The data also made it easy for leadership to identify certain desired values (values not currently present in the organization, but viewed as essential to top performance) they felt might prevent against burn out.  The combination of current core values and desired values gave leadership the data they needed to build a hiring profile that selects candidates who share values with your unique and/or desired culture.

If you read the Steps to Retain Top Talent you’ll remember that retention and performance come down to two things:

  1. Hire candidates with the right skills AND the right culture fit
  2. Tailor management to fit the unique values of your employees.

Immediately the talent acquisition team used this hiring profile to interview and select candidates they knew would fit the culture and be long-term top performers. The values profile also gave leadership a template managers could use to tailor their approach to the unique values of their specific teams.

How it all played out:

To evaluate the success of their work, leadership used engagement surveys to ensure that managers took a tailored approach with their teams. Over the course of one year engagement data reflected an improvement in an employee’s intent to stay, decreased burnout and positive patient care perceptions.

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Hiring and Retention
Customer Success Story

Company Reduces Turnover by Hiring Better Culture Fits

Good Fits found to be 27.2% less likely to turnover


Customer used RoundPegg to find good culture fit Candidates to reduce turnover; their cost of employee turnover had been estimated to be in the low six-figures.

Seeking help to reduce the turnover rate, the company used RoundPegg to objectively assess a culture and identify the business values that are the ‘core values’ to being a part of the company as well as the values that are aligned with the company’s reward system.

RoundPegg provided an assessment of culture values to the employees at their main headquarters and assessed candidates as they applied as well. Looking back at the tenure of employees, using RoundPegg, they found ‘Good Culture Fit’ employees were found to be 27.2% less likely to leave within the first 18-months on the job.



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Hiring and Retention
Customer Success Story

Telecom Company Improves Top Talent Hiring by 20%

IDs those candidates with best Fit Culture Fit scores


A large company in the Telecom industry that found it difficult to identify those candidates who were best suited to thrive in their culture. Over 1,800 executives complete the RoundPegg Culture Assessment to get a clear picture of their current culture.

Individuals with culture fit scores above 60 were 19.7% more likely to be a top performer. Those scoring an 80 or above on the Culture Fit scale were 50% more likely to be a top performer. Those candidates who had high Fit Scores could be easily identified by taking the same Assessment.


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Employee Development
Customer Success Story

Inflow gets Insights That Guide Decisions & Interactions

Leadership sees how each individual, team & department works best

Christina Griggs, CFO at Inflow, shares how Inflow uses RoundPegg

We all like to think we know our company’s culture. As a business leader, you might have even taken steps to define and nurture your company’s culture. There is nothing wrong with intentionally setting out to build the culture you want to work in. Challenging? Fun? Collaborative? Competent? Sounds good to me!


How do you know the rest of your team sees the actual company culture in the way you think or would like it to be? Disconnects happen, and the sooner management knows about them, the sooner they can address the issues and everyone can move on to doing what they enjoy, like helping clients be more successful or collaborating with others on a challenging project.

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Organizational Culture

How to Achieve Culture-Business Strategy Alignment

Your Culture can drive company performance







Think of this Worksheet as rocket fuel for your company – it will help you to:

  1. ID areas where your business strategy and people aren’t well aligned today
  2. Fine tune your engagement tactics based on what your people really want
  3. Reach your business goals by getting everyone on the same bus!

Read Article, then download the Strategy – Culture Alignment Worksheet > 

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Organizational Culture
White Paper

Culture Change Initiatives Often Fail: Culture Alignment More Effective

Dr. Natalie Baumgartner shares strategies to engage & align teams


Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, RoundPegg Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist, believes Culture Alignment, as opposed to culture change that tries to shift hardwired behavior, has greater power and capacity to achieve corporate goals. This White Paper covers:

  • The root causes of culture change initiative failure
  • An alternative approach to achieving organizational effectiveness by driving culture alignment
  • A behavioral toolbox that can be used to engage an organization around culture alignment.
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Hiring and Retention
Customer Success Story

3D Printer Co Keeps Entrepreneurial Culture Thriving by Hiring Great Culture Fits

Make 500+ hires in 3 years and acquired for $604M

MakerBot had just 25 employees when they started using RoundPegg. They were on a mission to grow the business exponentially and maintain the unique entrepreneurial culture that had brought them early success.


Results  MakerBot’s Recruiting Team was effective in making good-fit hires using the RoundPegg Assessment – growing to 525 employees while retaining the company’s culture (its core values).

I’ve been shouting RoundPegg’s name from the rooftops at conferences & as I meet with companies that are scaling up.” Bre Pettis, Founder & CEO 

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Hiring and Retention
Customer Success Story

Top Performers are 3X More Likely to be Aligned

Jive Software IDs Top Performers in its Support department & gets Hiring Profile to ID candidates who are a Fit

Jive logo

Jive wanted to understand the unique culture of its Support Department in order to grow the team by hiring individuals who “Fit” the culture — and become Top Performers in the department.

The 7-minute RoundPegg Assessment revealed that the department’s Top Performers were three times more likely to be well-aligned with the department’s overall shared culture. It was easy to develop a Top Performer Profile to evaluate all candidates and determine their 1-100 “Fit Score” using the same Assessment.

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Hiring and Retention
Customer Success Story

A Dozen Newly-Hired Sales Reps with High Fit Scores Prove to be Profitable Faster

Multiple, time-intensive interviews replace with a quick assessment to predict Fit & performance


Talent Recruiting firm Vitamin T wanted to streamline their inefficient hiring process and be able to quickly ID those candidates most likely to become top sales performers.

Results New Good Fit hires reached their sales goals 15% faster, and were 35% more profitable in the long run, and far less likely to turn over.

“The agents who were the top cultural fits to the culture on-boarded (reached ROI neutral) faster and vastVitamin T logo newly out-produced their peers. RoundPegg has helped to identify the top performers, moving the top-line revenue needle significantly.”



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Hiring and Retention

How to Hire for Culture Fit

ID candidates who are most likely to succeed

What’s the number one predictor that a new hire will be a successful employee?  They’re a great culture fit with their manager, team and the company.

There are three steps to ensure you hire good Culture Fits. This Worksheet lets you do it yourself without software.

Read the Article then Download the Hiring for Fit Worksheet > 

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Hiring and Retention
Webinar Presentation

Video Pres | Taking the Dark Arts out of Hiring for Culture Fit

Learn how research-backed science can help your hire good fits

webinar image What’s the #1 predictor that a new hire will succeed in their new role? Their Culture Fit with their company, team and manager. Learn how to ID those candidates who are the best Culture Fits! And get a sneak peak at RoundPegg’s Hiring Tool.

Watch this 30-minute recording of our most popular webinar now>



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Hiring and Retention
Culture Fit

TedTalk | What is Culture Fit?

Dr. Nat dives headfirst into science of Culture Alignment


How well do you “fit” your career and workplace? How do you identify those candidates who will be a fit for your company?

In this compelling and researched talk, Natalie Baumgartner dives into this question and explains the psychology of finding something more in a career. As the co-founder of Round Pegg, Dr. Baumgartner uses her background in clinical psychology to quantify organizational culture and match potential candidates, revolutionizing the working lives of people searching for “fit.”

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Employee Engagement

Why Employee Engagement Strategies Aren't Working & What Must Change

Boosting engagement requires focusing on engaging the individuals, not organizations

This research-based White Paper covers:

  • The limitations of existing approaches to Employee Engagement
  • An alternative approach: Aligning employee engagement practices with the hard-wired values of individuals
  • A tactical toolbox designed to enhance the engagement of the individuals that make up every organization.
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Organizational Culture

Cracking the Culture Code

The Key to High Performing Organizations


Culture is the only sustainable advantage your business has – and it’s not about flip-flops.

Author Libby Sartain has led HR for both Yahoo! Inc. and Southwest Airlines, guiding global human resources efforts focusing on attracting, retaining, and developing employees

Download Cracking the Culture Code to learn:

> How psychologists and industry leaders define culture

> The basic steps you must take to align your culture and strategic goals

> Solutions to common obstacles you’ll almost certainly face along the way.


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Organizational Culture
Slide Presentation

What Millennial Employees Value more than Money

14 (REAL) Facts About Millennials from RoundPegg

To succeed, companies must understand how Millennials are wired. Research shows that Millennials place more value on enjoying their work than any other generation — and pay comes in second in terms of importance. The way Millennials think about work is eye opening  — just click through the slides to see for yourself, you’ll know more about Millennials than 90% of managers today!




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