Hire for Culture Fit

Ensure new hires fit your company culture

  • Unlimited Pre-Hire Assessments
  • Learn what a candidate values most at work
  • A ‘Fit Score’ predicts Culture Fit
  • Custom Interview Guides probe areas candidate differs from company.

#1 predictor of an employee’s success?
They fit the culture of their team

Make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions

Eliminate time & cost of a bad hire

Culture fit is best predictor of an employee’s success – see how they fit the company, team and hiring manager.

Hire to fit a high-performing team

Make critical hires who align with a team’s unique culture – they will ramp faster & perform better.

Preserve your great culture as you grow

Hire candidates who are a fit to ensure your company culture continues to thrive.

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Make the right hires based on Culture Fit

A 7-min. Assessment lets you identify best-fit candidates

  • Once everyone in your company has completed the Assessment, you know your Company CultureDNA.
  • Every prospective new hire takes the same Assessment to predict their fit with your company, and even a specific team & manager.

A Culture Fit Score of 60+ indicates good alignment of values. 

“We used RoundPegg to get an idea of how a candidate would fit the culture of our company – and even the team they would join. We grew from 25 to 500+ employees. It gave us a predictor, a ’Fit Score’ of how likely a new hire would fit our established culture.”

Bre-PettisBre PettisFounder & former CEO, MakerBot
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Only RoundPegg measures a job candidate’s predicted Culture Fit

A candidate’s CultureDNA Profile reveals how they’re wired

  • Their Fit Score predicts fit with company, team & manager
  • See what they value most at work (36 values are ranked)
  • Learn their communication & decision-making styles
  • Understand how they like to be rewarded & motivated
  • ID areas where their values don’t align with the company, team & manager.

Tailored Interview Guides for each candidate

  • Highlights areas where candidate may be a good complement
  • Identifies those variances that pose a potential challenge
  • Recommends interview questions to probe deeper into variance areas.
Interview Guide

Manage candidate Assessments

Invite & manage applicants for a position

  • Send an Assessment link to a candidate for a specific job opening
  • See all candidate Fit Scores in a single view
  • Drill down to see their complete CultureDNA Profile & custom interview questions.
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