Measure & manage Engagement

Create an Engagement Strategy that fits your Culture

  • Conduct Engagement surveys fast
  • Drill down into data & see custom views
  • See Suggested Actions that align with your CultureDNA

Make smarter, data-driven Engagement decisions

RoundPegg uses your culture data to improve employee engagement

Don’t guess – get a measure of how engaged your people are

Get your company or team’s Engagement Score – a quantitative measure of 8 key areas that gauge engagement.

Do real-time custom surveys to check your team’s pulse

Need a quick read on your team? Want to know how they feel about the new Rewards plan? Find out in minutes.

Know actions to take based on how your team is wired

Get tailored Suggested Actions to turn up engagement based on your unique company culture (your CultureDNA).

Track Engagement over time

See companywide, team & leadership Engagement Scores in real-time

  • Easily send a science-backed Engagement Survey to everyone
  • Individual results are anonymous to ensure candid responses
  • Send custom “Pulse Surveys” to probe a specific area or team
  • Identify areas to focus on to increase employee satisfaction & retention

“Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%”

“Studies found that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the company than their disengaged counterparts”

“Today 71% of all employees are not fully engaged”
-Dale Carnegie

RP Engagement Dashboard for website

RoundPegg uses your company CultureDNA Profile data to generate tailored Suggested Actions to improve Engagement

“We now have actionable information which supports our ability to retain our talent; not a report on happiness. RoundPegg helped us gain valuable insights on our culture and engagement. ”

Nigel AdamsChief Talent Officer, Rosetta Marketing Group
RP Engagement Dashboard view for website

Get Engagement Scores in 8 key areas

Develop a tailored Engagement Strategy based on what your people value

  • See specific Suggested Action Steps to improve low-score areas
  • View engagement data at the company or team level
  • Tailored Suggested Actions to boost engagement are aligned with your company culture.

No other engagement survey tool measures engagement, then makes specific recommendations for engaging your people based on how they’re wired (your Company CultureDNA).