RoundPegg helps companies of all sizes make their people their competitive advantage


Now we have actionable data about our culture that supports our ability to retain our talent; not a report on happiness. RoundPegg helped us gain valuable information about our culture and employee engagement.


A great fit for Enterprise Customers

A great fit for High-Growth Customers

“We used RoundPegg to get an idea of how a candidate would fit the culture of our company – and even the team they would join. We grew from 25 to 500+ employees. It gave us a predictor, a ’Fit Score’ of how likely a new hire would fit our established culture.”

—Bre Pettis, Former CEO and Founder of Makerbot



“ Culture fit was our biggest hurdle to finding the right staff to help us grow. RoundPegg helped usto define and articulate our own culture. We realized we could scale our business and not lose what had made us successful.”

— Susie Hall, President, VitaminT, a division of Aquent

“We don’t view culture and engagement as ‘nice to have,’ we view this as an imperative to maintain our competitive leadership position in the market. RoundPegg adds quantitative metrics to our hiring, engagement and culture practices. Today we are at 78 employees and starting a phase of rapid growth – a company can lose much of what makes them great through poor hires who do not fit the culture.”

—Melanie Kruger, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Conga