Quantitative insight into your culture

What’s in your company’s DNA?

  • Know what matters most to your people
  • Hire for Culture Fit
  • Motivate based on what they value
  • Improve communication & collaboration between teams

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Make smarter, data-driven ‘people’ decisions

Get unprecedented insight into your company culture

Get your Company CultureDNA Profile so you can:

Know what makes up your unique culture

Get a quantified view of your company’s shared values. See how your people align with your corporate mission/strategy.

Hire for Culture Fit to reduce turnover

See which job candidates are a good culture-fit with your company and the team.

Learn how to resolve conflict

Know what makes people tick & get recommended actions for better communication & collaboration.

Find what motivates your team

Reward people how they want to be recognized & retain your top talent.

Understand differences between groups

ID areas of disparity between any groups: Compare management & staff, or see what high-performers have in common.

Tailor systems to fit how your team’s wired

Align company processes with how your people prefer to work to boost productivity & satisfaction.

Understand your company’s CultureDNA

Know what your people value most at work

  1. All employees take a quick, 7-min. CultureDNA Assessment
  2. Get a quantified view of what matters most to your employees (shared company values)
  3. See a complete CultureDNA Profiles for every employee
  4. Learn how your quantified shared company values align with your corporate mission/strategy
  5. Compare groups and teams – See shared values and disparities at-a-glance
  6. Take action – Get a custom Action Plan that leverages your data to achieve business goals
  7. A RoundPegg Culture Analyst creates a custom Plan that includes hiring, development & engagement strategies.

modev-vitamin-T-new“RoundPegg helped us define and articulate our own culture. We realized we could scale our business and not lose what had made us successful. We value specific soft skills – like helping others as part of a team instead of working in a vacuum. Culture fit was our biggest hurdle to finding the right staff to help us grow.”

— Susie Hall, President, VitaminT, a division of Aquent

Make people decisions based on data

36 ranked values reveal what your employees value at work

  • Get an at-a-glance view into how your company or team works
  • Make data-driven decisions to drive your business
    • Align your everyday business practices with what your people value
    • Use custom data slices to compare teams, management, or highest performers.
    • Leverage what you know make new hires who are a culture fit.

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Individual CultureDNA Profiles

More than 60,000 employees have completed our Assessment

A quick 7-minute Assessment quantifies what an individual values most at work and measures their alignment with the company culture.

  • Measures 36 core values around work style, communication, decision-making, rewards
  • Identifies most highly held values
  • Determines their primary culture Archetype
  • Provides tips for working with them based on their CultureDNA
  • Measures alignment (Culture Fit) with the company & their team.

What RoundPegg CultureDNA Archetype are you?

RP Competence Archetype image

Values winning and being the best

Appreciates people who are experts in their field. High standards for performance and individuals are expected to stand up for their ideas rather than focus on building consensus. Decision-making is thorough and the solutions deemed strongest win out.

How to work with me: Ask me to debate the pros and cons.


Values synergy and cooperation

Individuals are expected to listen to others’ ideas and treat each other with respect. This open, sharing environment often results in prolonged decision-making – with individuals sometimes refraining from voicing dissent. Individual achievement is generally sacrificed in lieu of celebrating team success.

How to work with me: Ask me to partner with you.

RP 4Cultivate Arch image

Values bringing out the best in individuals

Focuses on potential and providing opportunities for growth, with less importance placed on rules and controls. The environment is people-focused and individuals generally feel inspired to develop their abilities. Systems can be relatively inefficient when people are prioritized over details.

How to work with me: Ask me to brainstorm with you.


Values certainty, precision, and dependability

Prefers that clearly defined roles, systems and policies are in place to ensure things are done the same way every time. Direction tends to come from the top and trickle down. Emphasis on process over people and environment is structured.

How to work with me: Ask me to put a plan in place.