Make every manager a better leader

Empower Managers with tools to bring out the best in their team

  • CultureDNA Profiles for every report
  • Customized On-Boarding Guides
  • Customized Coaching Guides
  • Conflict resolution & communication strategies

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CultureDNA data helps leaders motivate their teams

Give Managers custom Coaching Guides for every employee

Managers are better coaches when they know how their team’s wired

Coach to reach performance goals

Create a Development Plan that leverages what you know about how an individual likes to work, communicate & be rewarded.

Get the team working better together

Compare work styles of individuals and get recommended strategies to reduce conflict & improve team dynamics.

Create rewards individuals want

Know how individuals prefer to be recognized & rewarded then develop customized plans to keep them motivated.

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Every manager wants to help their reports excel

Custom Coaching Guides recommend specific actions to bring out their best

Both new and seasoned managers get incredible insight from what’s revealed in the CultureDNA Profiles of their reports. They learn what each individual values most, their preferred communication style & how they want to be rewarded. Customized on-boarding guides, coaching guides, and conflict resolution guides help managers become great leaders – and bring out the best in their team.

Empower Managers with data-backed insight into their team

A CultureDNA Profile and Coaching Guide for each report reveal:

  • What they value most at work (they rank 36 values)
  • Primary Culture Archetype – are they Collaborate, Cultivate, Command or Competence?
  • Preferred style of communication – are they direct or do they avoid confrontation?
  • How they like to work – do they prefer autonomy, teamwork, risk taking, being detail oriented. . .
  • How they want to be recognized & rewarded – team successes, pay for performance. . .
  • Specific recommendations around ways to work better with them
  • Areas where they vary with the team, company, & their manager.
Coaching Guide
RP Comparison for Coaching

Improve team dynamics to increase productivity

Take action to improve communication

  • Quickly compare any two individuals
  • See their degree of alignment (1-100 scale)
  • Learn what their biggest variances are & identify potential challenges
  • Get recommended Supportive Actions to help them work better together.