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Ask Behavioral Interview Questions like a Jedi

Write Custom Behavioral Interview Questions for your Organization Learn how organizational psychologists think about behavioral interview questions. Then download the related worksheet you can use to write custom questions and interview like a Jedi!  How the PhDs think about behavioral interviewing Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. . . . Read More

3 Steps to Retain Top Talent

Retention is a great barometer of success. Top performers are more effective, and when they stick around, they save you money due to the reduced cost of replacement. No wonder you work so hard to retain top talent. It’s not easy! You might ask a manager . . . Read More

Understanding 4 Types of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover doesn’t always mean things aren’t awesome. Sometimes losing an employee is exactly what a company needs to grow. This blog covers 4 primary areas of turnover, what you can learn from each and how to assess turnover at your own company. Read More

Recruiting Top Sales Talent | How to Predict Success Before you Hire

Whether you’re leading a successful sales team or a perennial winning NCAA Basketball team, you’re focused on recruiting top talent. You can predict which candidates are most likely to become standout performers using research-backed methodology of Organizational Psychologists. Download the Hiring for Culture Fit Worksheet. Read More

3 Reasons to Use Software to Hire Great Fits

Company and team fit is the best predictor of a new hire’s success. Data shows that Culture Fit is the number one predictor of a new hire’s success. Today, companies leverage software and data to shape their strategy and make decisions in every department. You can . . . Read More

3 Hacks to Hire (and Keep) the Best Talent

Dr. Nat shares her best hacks to make smarter, data-driven new hires. And you can download our Hire (and Keep) the Best Tech Talent Worksheet to do them yourself. If you are hiring for tech roles in 2016, you know how tight the talent market is. Learn how to hire rockstar tech talent (and keep the the talent you have from being lured away). And here is a hint: You can’t win the war for tech talent with money. Read More

Hiring is Hard. Here’s Proof.

Dr. John Sullivan’s latest post at ERE pulls together a ton of shocking numbers that should convince you we need to find a better way. 50% new executive turnover — nearly half of new executive hires quit or are fired within the first 18 months at a . . . Read More