Engage Employees

4 Easy Steps to Improve Work Performance

    Here you’ll learn the four steps you can take to improve work performance with your team. The process is 100% based on academic research in the field of organizational psychology. Once you learn these steps you’ll see a real example of how the CEO . . . Read More

Last Minute Employee Engagement Ideas

Employee Engagement Ideas that Actually Work So, it’s that time of year. You just did, or you’re about to, collect employee engagement feedback and you’re looking for a cut and dry list of employee engagement ideas you can use to boost the numbers for 2017. . . . Read More

8 Employee Engagement Quotes That Will Make you Think

Employee Engagement Quotes to Display in your Organization These Employee Engagement Quotes can be a great way to bring some fresh perspective to the way your organization thinks about and tackles employee engagement! Each of these engagement quotes points to the link between an employee’s core . . . Read More

Team Building Activities for Work…that Work

3 Steps to run team building activities for work that everyone will love. Great team building activities are about more than a creative event.  Follow these three simple steps and your next team building activity is sure to be a success!   Our readers want their . . . Read More

Employee Engagement Ain’t About A Survey.

Measuring engagement is easy; crafting effective strategies to improve engagement is the hard part. An effective engagement strategy leverages what a team values most (how it is wired), to affect change.
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HR and the Strategic Planning Process

When people and business goals are aligned, success is sweet!

The most important ingredient in your 2016 Strategic Plan? Your People.
If your business counts on people to give all of their intellectual capability every day (hint: it does), then your people should be at the center of virtually every business decision you make. No matter the business goal, HR plays a critical role in making sure that the recommended strategies are aligned with the people who with carry it out. Check out our Strategy & Culture Fit Alignment Worksheet now.
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Disengaged Employees Cost Millions

This detailed infographic from the experts at the Carnegie Institute about the Importance of Employee Engagement breaks down the dollars and cents impact employee engagement can have on any company. Just a warning: you might be shocked to learn what disengagedment could be costing your company! Read More