Develop Employees

Academic Research based Employee Core Values List

In this blog you’ll get our academic based employee core values list. You’ll also hear some cool ways our customers have used the list. First, I want to be clear about one thing: There is no right or wrong way to think about employee core values. Over the . . . Read More

All Winning Cultures Do This One Thing

We have so much data about what makes the best organizations tick, so it just makes sense that I’m asked, “What are winning cultures made of?” Problem is, we’ve never seen the same culture twice. Here you’ll see the unique culture data of three successful companies (we’re talking . . . Read More

Understanding 4 Types of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover doesn’t always mean things aren’t awesome. Sometimes losing an employee is exactly what a company needs to grow. This blog covers 4 primary areas of turnover, what you can learn from each and how to assess turnover at your own company. Read More

3 Hacks to Hire (and Keep) the Best Talent

Dr. Nat shares her best hacks to make smarter, data-driven new hires. And you can download our Hire (and Keep) the Best Tech Talent Worksheet to do them yourself. If you are hiring for tech roles in 2016, you know how tight the talent market is. Learn how to hire rockstar tech talent (and keep the the talent you have from being lured away). And here is a hint: You can’t win the war for tech talent with money. Read More