Customer Story: Inflow Uses RoundPegg to Guide Decisions & Interactions

We are happy to share with you a post contributed by our customer, Inflow. Inflow is an eCommerce marketing agency providing strategy and implementation to eCommerce brands across digital channels like conversion optimization, SEO, paid advertising, content and inbound marketing. Inflow is on the Inc. . . . Read More

Culture-Strategy Alignment | The Key to Higher Performance

UPDATE – This Webinar was recorded and can be viewed now! Watch the Webinar now. In our Live Webinar April 20th, Align your Culture with your Business Strategy to Win!, Libby Sartain, an expert in Culture-Business Strategy Alignment, shares how she builds a high-performing culture. She sheds . . . Read More

When Turnover is F!@#ING Awesome

Employee turnover doesn’t always mean things aren’t awesome. Sometimes losing an employee is exactly what a company needs to grow. This blog covers 4 primary areas of turnover, what you can learn from each and how to assess turnover at your own company. Read More

Make Sure your Next Hire Fits your Culture

If you want to hire for culture fit, you need to arm yourself with some interview questions designed to reveal whether or not a candidate will be a great fit with their prospective manager, team and company. There are three steps to ensure you get it right. Read More

Customer Recaps His First Year Using RoundPegg

Get a personal look at what RoundPegg customers experience in their first year. Learn how chose RoundPegg software to help them reduce unwanted turnover, get a better handle on their company culture and even select their VP of Marketing. Read More

Recruiting Top Sales Talent | How to Predict Success Before you Hire

Whether you’re leading a successful sales team or a perennial winning NCAA Basketball team, you’re focused on recruiting top talent. You can predict which candidates are most likely to become standout performers using research-backed methodology of Organizational Psychologists. Download the Hiring for Culture Fit Worksheet. Read More

3 Reasons to Use Software to Hire Great Fits

Company and team fit is the best predictor of a new hire’s success. Data shows that Culture Fit is the number one predictor of a new hire’s success. Today, companies leverage software and data to shape their strategy and make decisions in every department. You can . . . Read More

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