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Culture Changes- Why They Fail

Brent Daily Brent Daily


The majority of culture initiatives fail... something to the tune of 81%. Check out this week's blog for some of the reasons and pitfalls to avoid. Read more

The Culture of Cycling

Vince Scalia Vince Scalia


Cycling and business each face invisible forces all the time. Overcoming wind drag and culture drag is critical to success and can only be beat with well aligned teams. Read more

M&A: Ultimate Examples of Failure to Conform

Blake Redson Blake Redson


The vast majority of mergers and acquisitions fail- at least 70%, and some estimate that it's even higher than that. Most of those mergers fail for reasons that have nothing to do with the product or the business imperatives between the two organizations - they fail due to culture value gaps in groups. This is a story from Libby Sartain about how a lack of alignment between the acquired organizational culture and the parent company culture is by far the biggest predictor of failure in an acquisition. Guest contributor Libby Sartain is the former Chief Human Resources Officer at Yahoo! and Southwest Airlines. Today she's an Author, Speaker, Board Member and Advisor to for profit and non-profit organizations and startups, including RoundPegg. Read more

Chasing the Magazine Culture (By Libby Sartain)

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


When it comes to shaping your culture, one size does not fit all. This is a story from our friend and colleague, Libby Sartain, about how the copycat approach doesn't create an authentic experience for employees. Read more

Mistakes of a Startup CEO

Blake Redson Blake Redson


These are amazing pearls of wisdom from Founder and CEO of CB Insights, Anand Sanwal, much of which he learned the hard way. In this post, we are going to quote the sections that pertain to culture and HR. Read more

Cracking the Culture Code

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