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#TBT: Millennials in the Workplace

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


A collection of some prior posts about millennials and their unique place in the world of work. Topics include how to work with them, what they want, and whether or not they're really so different from previous generations. Read more

Tenet 3: Culture is Bottom Up and Top Down

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


In terms of how things get done within the company, we have to pay attention not only to the culture that the leadership desires, but also to who makes up the company and whether their values are aligned with those that the leadership has set. Read more

#TBT: Workplace Culture Wins the World Series

Mike Horan Mike Horan


For this week's throwback Thursday, we wanted to re-hash this lesson: elite skills don’t guarantee a player’s, and ultimately a team’s, success. Cultural fit, even in professional sports, proves to be vital. Read more

#TBT: Everybody is a Genius

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


It's throwback Thursday, and we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one of our favorite blog posts about the drastic importance of fit, whether the environment is an office or the real world. Read more

Tenet 2: Everyone Contributes to the Culture

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


Every interaction between every employee, from bottom to top and vice versa, is a thread in the cultural tapestry. Every employee allows their personal values to dictate how they read and react to others. Read more

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