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Penny Wise and Culture Foolish

Tim Wolters Tim Wolters


Culture is important and should be measured like every other business metric. Don't fall into the trap of being Penny Wise and Culture Foolish. Read more

3 Leadership Tips from Libby Sartain

Blake Redson Blake Redson


Libby Sartain, former CHRO of Southwest Airlines and RoundPegg Board Member, offers 3 leadership tips when dealing with skeptics during an organization culture change. Read more

Culture Changes- Why They Fail

Brent Daily Brent Daily


The majority of culture initiatives fail... something to the tune of 81%. Check out this week's blog for some of the reasons and pitfalls to avoid. Read more

The Culture of Cycling

Vince Scalia Vince Scalia


Cycling and business each face invisible forces all the time. Overcoming wind drag and culture drag is critical to success and can only be beat with well aligned teams. Read more

Cracking the Culture Code

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