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Brent Daily at Lunch with DriveThruHR

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


On the heels of last week's webinar on engagement, RoundPegg Co-Founder & COO, Brent Daily, sits down with DriveThruHR's William Tincup to talk all things employee engagement in an effort to flip the traditional thinking and strategy around engaging employees on its head. Read more

[Webinar Announcement] Engagement is Personal

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


On Thursday April 3, RoundPegg co-founder and COO Brent Daily will highlight a fresh approach to engagement in his latest webinar, “Engagement is Personal – Overcoming 5 Engagement Fallacies”, focusing on five components that must be in place in order to not just measure, but to move the needle. Read more

RoundPegg Welcomes New CEO - Kevin Grauman

Brent Daily Brent Daily


A note from new RoundPegg CEO, Kevin Grauman: I’ve been accused of being masochistic (in the misery sense!), a sucker for punishment, unbalanced, and even psychotic … and, not only by my friends! I call it being addicted to the startup-world where one has a visceral belief that changing the world in a massive way is merely “normal”. Read more

RoundPegg is Growing: The Hunt for a Culture Consultant

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


RoundPegg is changing how companies operate by applying analytics to company culture and employee engagement. A software startup based in Boulder, Colorado, we are changing how work gets done in the business arena and are trying to do that from the inside out. We drink our own champagne. Read more

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