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RoundPegg Featured in Techstars’ New ‘Where Are They Now’...

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


Since Techstars began in 2007, 500 startups have gone through their accelerator programs. These companies are changing the face of entrepreneurship and many have made a significant impact on the world. 80% of these companies are still active and have seen 53 acquisitions to date. Techstars' new video series, “Where Are They Now?”, highlights the post-program adventures of some of these companies. Read more

It’s Not the Size of the Data…

Brent Daily Brent Daily


There is so much we’re doing wrong from a ‘traditional’ sense that any data that refutes the current ‘best practices’ will push us in a better direction. The current model of management is broken and we mere humans are powerless to change the paradigm without computers. BUT. Big data with respect to ‘talent science’ is a red herring. At least in its current form. Read more

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