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[Webinar Announcement] The Secret Weapon for Sales Recruiting

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


The most successful sales organizations have the best salespeople, so it is critical to avoid bad hires and to have the best talent working for you and with you. Join Brad Wilkins and RoundPegg’s VP of Sales, David Lyon, on September 25th at 12:00pm ET for “The Secret Weapon for Sales Recruiting” where you’ll learn firsthand how to attract, hire, and retain your own high performing sales team. Read more

[Infographic] Unlocking the True Value of Your Sales Culture

Elise Mackay Elise Mackay


Focusing on your sales culture isn’t a “fluffy” or “soft” concept, it is one of the easiest ways to drive more sales and build a lasting, predictable sales system. See the difference between a sales team using RoundPegg to build, manage and optimize their sales teams vs. one that is not. Read more

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