About RoundPegg

Who We Are and What We Believe

The RoundPegg story is similar for each of us. We've all seen the effect that people have on one another within the work environment and how quickly a culture can become destructive.

Finding a great culture where you fit is difficult.  A good culture for you is one where you perform at your best more days than not, where you trust your teammates and where work doesn't feel so much like work.

The reason finding fit is difficult is because most companies have a very disjointed culture that doesn't stand for much. These companies haven't taken command of their culture and have let it 'evolve' naturally.  

Today's leaders have been excused for failing to manage culture because it has always seems too big to do anything meaningful about and tracking progress doesn't fit neatly into a spreadsheet.  

We are changing that.  Culture is vital to organizational performance and it's about time we start managing it as such.

What we believe

  • There is no one right culture.
  • Every employee contributes to the culture.
  • Culture must be measured bottom up, rather than dictated top down.
  • Employees want to do well and will when given a chance. They are rarely 'bad.' There are only bad situations for certain employees.
  • Individual success is a function of being able to be yourself and put your best foot forward within a company in a way that gets rewarded.
  • Successful companies are those that have figured out what they believe and have aligned their workforce accordingly, rather than subscribing to the latest business culture bestseller in the airport bookstore.