3 Steps to Retain Top Talent

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Retain Top Talent

Retention is a great barometer of success. Top performers are more effective, and when they stick around, they save you money due to the reduced cost of replacement. No wonder you work so hard to retain top talent.

It’s not easy! You might ask a manager why a great employee left, only to hear, “I’m not sure, he just didn’t seem to be a great fit.” Well thanks a lot for that! In this blog you’ll learn three simple things you can do to retain top talent or reinforce already low turnover. Once you learn the three steps, check out this short story about a real customer who used Culture Data to reduce turnover and increase patient satisfaction!

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   1. Determine the minimum foundation necessary for success in the role.

No-brainer, right? New hires need the skills, or the foundation to learn the skills, necessary for success. Some things you might consider when you make that determination include:

  • Technical nature of the role
  • Is this a Strategic or Individual Contributor hire?
  • How soon do you need to see a profit from the new employee?

Most organizations are great at this, so I won’t dwell.

Steps two and three are all about something that’s more difficult to assess – culture. Whether you’re like this hyper-growth company that needed a more efficient way to assess candidate fit, or you just need to make every piece of the process count, these next two tactics can really make a difference.

   2. Use a hiring profile that also assess how a candidate will fit the culture.

I’m sure you have horror stories about high salary sales leaders who failed to rally their team and eventually quit. Or engineering whiz kids who argued with teammates and never built that out of the box solution you needed. A hiring profile that covers skills and culture fit will help you select the best candidate.

Here’s just a few things you might include in a culture fit profile:

  • The current team and top performer values
  • What the team’s manager values and how they like to work
  • The aspirational or desired culture – traits or values missing on the team right now
  • Current processes for rewards, communication and decision making.

To dive deeper, check out this blog, Make Sure your Next Hire Fits Your Culture. You’ll get a guide and worksheet you can use to build a hiring profile you can use to select the best culture fits.

   3. Tailor management style and support to the unique subculture of each team.

You know what skills candidates need, and your hiring profile makes assessing for culture fit a breeze. Now you need to keep those high potential culture fits around for the long run!

In the past, the promise of a healthy pension was all it took to retain top talent. Those days are gone. Today’s employees stick around when they believe in the organization’s goals, see how their work fits into those goals and feel supported in their role and career.

Managers are your direct link to employees. They need to:

  • Communicate the organization’s goals to their teams
  • Make it clear how their team is essential to achieving those goals
  • Motivate, Train and Support their employees to accomplish their team goal

This all needs to be tailored to the unique values and preferences of each unique team. Imagine an engineering team where employees value these three things:

  1. Opportunities for professional growth
  2. Sharing information freely
  3. Autonomy

The organization strives to be the product leader in their space. To get there, developers need to deliver creative solutions to complex problems. If these developers don’t have the opportunity to expand their skill sets (professional growth), aren’t given all the info about how their work fits into the org’s goals (sharing info freely), and managers force them to work in a strict team setting with many rules (autonomy), they will not produce.

Whether you have a team of new hires or seasoned top performers you must tailor your management style to the team, or they’ll find a company that will.

Retention might feel like a mystery. You pay well, there’s a beer keg, weekly breakfast, and employees still leave. Retention doesn’t need to be a complex code. To retain top talent start with a deep understanding of what makes your people tick (their values). From there you can build a hiring profile to select candidates who fit your culture, and tailor your management style to each unique team.

Get in touch to get a free Culture (Values) Profile for your organization. You can use you learn about employee’s values to build a Hiring Profile that assesses for Culture Fit and help managers tailor their approach. It’s totally free, and you can use it to make your next hire or work better together!

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