Hire better talent, on-board faster, & maintain high performing teams with RoundPegg.

  • Culture surveys to hire best fits for your team and reduce on-boarding time

  • Coaching guides give your managers cheat sheets to know what makes every person on their team tick

  • Real-time employee engagement tools let you know when there's a problem - now - and how to turn it around on an individual basis

  • Reduce turnover, increase employee productivity and see a boost in overall company performance

  • Nothing to install, our software works in your desktop or tablet browser

  • Top-notch support from dedicated culture analysts


Culture + Engagement Platform

Roundpegg is a simple, yet powerful, culture and engagement management platform that is used by companies like Nike, Microsoft and Makerbot to get the most out of their workforce.

RoundPegg helps sales leadership:

  • Identify and “clone” their best salespeople
  • Onboard and make new sales recruits profitable more quickly
  • Unlock the key to understanding and motivating each salesperson on your team
  • Manage and motivate using proven guides, cheat sheets and tips
  • Retain top employees and build highly engaged and successful sales cultures
  • Monitor, measure and monetize your sales culture

35% More Profitable Employees

Providing an environment where people get what they need to be successful isn’t about doing the right thing. It’s about doing the thing that keeps the company in business.

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C.E. Woolman

“The successes we have achieved in the past, and whatever we may enjoy in the future, depend upon the strong desire and motivation of our people to protect and preserve the culture of this great company.”

C.E. Woolman, Founder, Delta Airlines

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