35% More Profitable Employees

Providing an environment where people get what they need to be successful isn’t about doing the right thing. It’s about doing the thing that keeps the company in business.

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Culture Science. Applied.

  • Quantify Your Culture

    Take inventory with a quantitative approach to understanding your company's unique culture. Proactively guide your culture based on what drives your success.

  • Engage Workers

    Engagement is personal. Capture the data that informs precisely how to draw out everyone's best, in real-time, with customized measurement and planning.

  • Develop Employees

    Many managers are not trained to manage. Deploy the manager effectiveness toolkit to help leaders motivate, coach and resolve conflict.

  • Hire & Retain Top Performers

    Those who best fit the culture will be more engaged, generate more revenue, perform better and stay longer. Identify, hire and retain them.

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Libby Sartain

“Culture drove our business when I was at both Southwest and Yahoo!. RoundPegg is the solution I wish I'd had. It would have allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of the culture in every corner of our business.”

Libby Sartain, Former Chief People Officer, Yahoo! & Southwest Airlines

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Our Story

Engaged performance is personal.

After playing at every stop on the performance bell curve we created RoundPegg to help organizations scientifically manage their culture. Understanding your workforce and the sub-cultures impacts engagement. Using culture tools all the way through hiring, on-boarding, and managing super charges engagement across the organization.

RoundPegg is a software solution that blends data science with organizational psychology so everyone has what it takes to perform at their best. We have productized a century of exhaustive academic research into an intuitive, fun and easy-to-deploy online platform that provides value to every employee, manager, executive, and board member.

RoundPegg is culture science delivered.

Our Roots

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Cracking the Culture Code

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