Make Smarter ‘People’ Decisions

Know how your company’s wired, hire for culture fit, improve engagement and boost productivity. It’s just smart business.

Make new hires who are a great culture fit & reduce turnover costs.

Measure engagement & motivate them based on what they value most.

Empower Managers with on-boarding coaching guides for each report.

Give leadership insight into how actual culture aligns with desired culture.

Know your culture & engage your team

All employees take a 7-min. CultureDNA Assessment

  • See how your employee’s shared values align with your corporate mission/strategy
  • Make new hires that are the best culture fit
  • Empower managers with better insight into what each member of their team values most
  • Measure employee engagement & the use your Culture data to know how to motivate them.
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Strategically used by

ID candidates who are the best culture fit

Eliminate wasted time & cost of making a bad hire

  • Candidates take the same CultureDNA Assessment
  • A 1-100 Fit Score predicts fit with the manager, team & company
  • Custom interview guides are based on the team’s values & work style.
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Empower Managers

Custom coaching guides help them bring out the best in their team

Give managers unprecedented insight with individual CultureDNA Profiles and tailored coaching guides for every member of their team.

  • Understand how each individual likes to work & their communication style
  • Coaching guides recommend specific workplace strategies to bring out the best in each report.
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Measure Employee Engagement

Get real-time engagement data, then motivate & retain your one-of-a-kind team.

  • Don’t guess when you can measure how engaged your people are
  • ID areas of low satisfaction right away so you can take action
  • Implement custom engagement strategies based on what your team values.
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A year of unlimited access to culture management tools

Make smarter, data-driven ‘people’ decisions – starting at just $2,500/year

Includes expert support from our team of Culture Analysts

  • 7-minute Assessment Survey Completed by everyone in your company.
  • CultureDNA Profile for your company Reveals what your company values most collectively – 36 values are ranked.
  • Expert Analysis Our Culture Analysts will analyze your results and then recommend next steps based on your goals. A comprehensive CultureDNA Report is presented to your team by one of our Analysts in an live webinar that includes Q&A.
  • Individual CultureDNA Profiles See how individuals, teams, management and high performers are wired differently & do side-by-side comparisons.

  • Unlimited Pre-Hire Assessments & Interview Guides Get a candidate’s complete CultureDNA Profile and Fit Score that predicts culture fit with the team.
  • On-boarding & Coaching Guides for Managers Guides outline best communication & motivation strategies based on an individual’s unique CultureDNA Profile.
  • Engagement Surveys A customizable survey measures level of engagement and can be conducted at any time for real-time insights, and also tracks engagement over time.